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With the guidance of Ip Man's Sons the traditional Wing Chun system is preserved through the evangelical works of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Membership: Commit to be Authentic

At Arizona Wing Chun Kung Fu we look at membership from multiple views.  The first view of membership is like that of a family.  When you join you will be treated as if you've always been there and like you belong.  The instructor(s) and students will treat you with respect and will all work together to help you grow into the martial artist you desire to become.  Similarly to your commitment to your family, we simply ask that you commit to 'Be Authentic.'  This means to uphold the traditions of Wing Chun while also representing the art and school in a positive light at all times.

Second, we look at membership like that of a fitness center.  Your payment is due the first (1st) of the month and it enables you to attend as many classes as you would like during the month.  There are no pro-rates or discounts provided for part-time attendance.

So how do you join?  First, visit the contact page and schedule an appointment to tour our school and attend your first two (2) classes free.  For specific details regarding our pricing, please see the table below.

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