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With the guidance of Ip Man's Sons the traditional Wing Chun system is preserved through the evangelical works of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Bai Si (Tea Ceremony)

The Bai Si ceremony is one that is not often seen in western martial arts schools but is perhaps the most important ceremony a martial artist could ever be invited to partake in. The Bai Si ceremony is often referred to as the "discipleship ceremony" or "tea ceremony." In the old kung fu schools of China, teachers received students openly but didn't always share one hundred percent of their knowledge. Since many of the kung fu systems were family traditions and considered private, classes were often held at the instructor's home. The average student was considered an "outside student" meaning that he or she wasn't trusted enough to be taught inside the instructor's home and must wait outside in the courtyard for their instruction to begin.

Once the student earned the trust of their Sifu, a Bai Si ceremony was completed making the student an "indoor student." This meant that the student was now trusted by his or her Sifu and would be taught the entire martial arts system. In addition to the obvious benefit of knowing the entire system, the Bai Si ceremony also confirms the relationship between a teacher and student. Each student who completes the Bai Si ceremony is given a name in their instructor's family and is treated like a son or daughter of their instructor.

While traveling with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, through Hong Kong and China, Sifu Brian Dalhover was bestowed the honor of a Bai Si ceremony. The Bai Si ceremony took place at the Ip Man Tong; a location dedicated to the great Grandmaster of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ip Kai Man. After arriving and paying our respect to the Grandmaster through a small ceremony, the Bai Si ceremonies began.

Prior to the Bai Si ceremony, Brian was given a name in Master Kwok's family. The name given to Brian is 郭忠恒 pronounced Kwok Chong Hong which means Loyal Forever. To Sifu Brian, this is not only a name but a promise that must be fulfilled. Sifu Brian is humbled and honored to be considered a disciple of Master Kwok and is excited for whatever is next in his journey through the Chinese martial arts.

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