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With the guidance of Ip Man's Sons the traditional Wing Chun system is preserved through the evangelical works of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Sifu Rick Anglin

Sifu Rick Anglin (忠专用)

Sifu Rick's love of Wing Chun began with the meeting of an unlikely friend.  Rick was interested in martial arts for most of his childhood but never attended classes.  In March 2010 Rick began searching the web for martial arts schools in Maricopa and stumbled across this very site.  After spending a number of hours reading the web site and learning about the art, Rick found it hard to believe that an instructor with a direct lineage from Ip Man could possibly be in Maricopa.  Rick's research broadened and after learning a great deal about Wing Chun, as well as Ip Man and his teachings, he sent an email to Sifu Brian.  A short time later they spoke on the phone and Rick was invited to attend a class.

With little expectation of 'the kid' who was teaching Wing Chun, Rick attended his first class in April of 2010 and hasn't missed many classes since.  Rick learned the art directly from Sifu Brian and was certified as an instructor by Sifu Brian in October of 2012 by the suggestion of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. Over the years Rick and Sifu Brian have built a unique friendship that stems far beyond the walls of the kung fu school.  As much as Rick is a student of Sifu Brian, he is also one of the most influential teachers Brian has ever had.  While living his life around Brian, he taught Brian to be a better husband, father, brother, and son.

Rick is happily married to his wife of 19 years, Kristin.  Together they have been entrusted with three of God's beautiful children; Quincy, Chloe, and Macy.  Having three girls keeps the family quite busy with singing, dancing, and gymnastics but this family wouldn't have it any other way.  Rick is forever grateful for all of his kung fu brothers who have helped him along the way and he hopes to pay each of them respect by offering his knowledge of traditional Ip Man Wing Chun to those that follow.

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